Our Mission

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  • To integrate experience, science, continuing education, artistry and innovative technology to provide you, our patient with an uncompromised quality of dental care.
  • To keep up with the ever changing advances in dental science. 
  • To utilise only the most advanced, tested and proven techniques, procedures, equipment and technology.
  • To provide the highest level of courtesy, professionalism and customer care to all of our patients through a team of highly skilled and experienced individuals.
  • To listen attentively to our patients aspirations, to understand and respect their concerns and queries and to ultimately achieve and exceed their expectations for perfect oral health and dental treatment.
  • To design a practice that provides the ultimate patient comfort and relaxation by ensuring that: 
    1. every room in the practice is bright, clean, fresh and tastefully furnished. 
    2. the practice is children friendly where little ones can feel right at home.
  • To operate a sterilisation department that not only meets but surpasses sterilization standards and regulations. Our equipment and techniques are state of the art. They are properly maintained and calibrated. 



At Melton Dental Group you will smile with confidence.